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The Center for the Study of Developing Countries 
                         Cairo University                      
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Political Conditions of Economic Development:
  Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance
A Seminar organized by the Center for the Study of Developing Countries and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.
Meeting Room No.5, Faculty of Economics, Cairo University
May 18-19, 1999, 9.30AM-6 PM.

First day:
9.30-10.00 opening session:
Speakers. Prof. Mustapha K.Al-Sayyid, Director, CSDC
     Dr.Reiner Bigel, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung,
     Prof. Ali Dessouki, Dean, FEPS, President, CSDC

10.00-10.30 Keynote speech
Theme:   Singapore model case of Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance
Speaker:  Ambassador  A Rajan, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore in Egypt.

10-30-12.30 First working session:
Theme: Political Conditions of Development: General View
Chair:      Prof.Wadouda Badran (Vice-Dean, FEPS).
Speakers: Prof. Hoda Mitkis (FEPS): General experience of countries of the South
     Prof. Atiyyah Hussein (FEPS): Accountability and development.
Discussant: Prof. Saif El-Din Abdel-Fattah (FEPS).

12.30-01.00 Coffee Break

01.00-3.00 Second session
Transparency and accountability in East Asia, in times of the "miracle" and "the crisis".
Chair:          Prof. Mohammed El-Sayyid Selim
Speakers:   Dr. Hanan Kandil (FEPS): the case of China
Miss Nagla' El-Refa'ei (Al-'Alam AL-Yom daily"): the case of the Republic of Korea.
Discussant Dr. Emad Gad (Al-Ahram's Center for Political and Strategic Studies).

03.00-4.00 Lunch

4.00-6.00 Third session:
Regional and International Dimensions:
Chair:         Prof.Sayyid Elewa (Head, Political Science Department-Helwan University)
Speaker:     Dr. Abdel -Rahman Sabri (Economic Division, the Arab League)
                  Miss Amany Ghanem (CSDC)
Discussant: Prof. Gamal Zahran (Head of Political Science Department, Suez Canal University)

Second day:
10-. 00-12.00, Fourth session:
Lessons of the Upheaval:
Chair:        Prof.Bahgat Korany (University of Montreal & American University in Cairo)
Speaker Dr. Hanan Qandil (FEPS): Russia in crisis,
Miss Ghada Moussa, (National Center for Middle East Studies) Transparency and Accountability in Germany" National Center for Middle East Studies
Discussant: Prof.Jacqueline Domenach, Director, French Section, FEPS.
                 Councilor Yusuf Shawqi (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

12.00-12.30 Coffee break

12.30-2.30 Fifth session:
A study of corruption cases in Egyptian courts,
Chair:  Dr. Osama El-Ghazali, Editor in Chief " Al-Siyassa Al-Dawliya "
 Findings of a teamwork:
Speakers: Dr. Salah Salem (CSDC).
 Ahmed Haggag   (CSDC)
 Karam Khamis    (CSDC)

03.30-06.00 Sixth session:
First part (03.30-04.30)
How to provide for accountability?
Chair:  Mr.Sayyid Yasin, former director, Al-Ahram's Center for Political and Strategic Studies.
Speakers:  Dr. Ahmed Faris Abdel-Mon'eim, Research Division, Ministry of Information,
Discussant.: Dr.Adel Abou Zahra, University of Alexandria.

Second part (04.30-06.00)
Role of the courts and control Agencies
Speakers: Councilor Dr.Awad Al-Morr, Former president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt.
General Hitler Tantawi (Head of Administrative Control Agency, Egypt).

Concluding remarks (6.00-6.15):
Speaker:   Prof.Mustapha K.Al-Sayyid (Director, CSDC)

Address: Center for the Study of Developing Countries,
Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.

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